Boardroom videoUpdated technology means it is time to upgrade your board room with the latest video system. Show high def video with excellent audio as well as power point presentations. Costs have been steadily declining while choices and quality are increasing.

Make sure your installation is totally professional. All cables should be out of sight, routed internally through wall cavities or hollow ceiling spaces. Speakers can be integrated into the design of your room. Start with high quality components and make sure Continue reading

electrical inspection requiredIf you are buying a home and it is not brand new, you will probably want to have it inspected by a qualified home inspector to reveal any possible electrical problems ahead of time. Most real estate agents will tell you that’s a good idea. An expert home inspector can tell you a lot of details about the home you’re thinking about buying. Details which you would probably not know with the help of your home inspector can often be revealed.

You will want to make sure your home inspector is qualified to do a proper electrical inspection. You also may choose to hire a qualified electrician to specifically inspect the electrical components of the home. With electrical systems, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

What can a home inspection turn up in regards to the electrical details of the home you’re thinking about buying? Here is a list of 7 possibilities:

1/ The Size of the Electrical Service? Sometimes there is a misconception about the size of an electrical service. Have you been told the home has a 100 amp service, but you’re not sure? Sometimes the service panel itself may Continue reading

pendant mounted light panelsAre you looking for LED lighting with an up-to-date, contemporary look for your office or business space? Nora Lighting is now offering a new alternative. These edge-lit LED panels can be recessed, surface mounted or suspended up to eight feet from the ceiling with a pendant mounting option.

These light fixtures do not look like typical LED lighting, with multiple diodes. That is because of the type of lens which is used; it creates a glow which is easy on the eyes. Available from NSpec, the architectural lighting division of Nora Lighting, they are available in three different sizes: 2 feet by 4 feet, 2 feet square, and 1 foot by 4 feet.

You may be wondering what an ‘edge-lit panel is? That means the LED’s are located at the edges of the panel and they direct the light across the panel to the other side. This provides a panel with light that looks evenly distributed across the entire surface. LED panels are becoming popular in contemporary spaces, offices, warehouses, work areas Continue reading

ar9694Customers sometimes ask about great new products in the electrical field. Here is a newer product that most businesses, offices and homes would be happy to have. This is a completely safe, dependable and easy-to-use way to charge all of your USB devices.

This product is made by Cooper and is a combination USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle – TR7740.

Your regular receptacle (outlet) can be replaced by an electrician with this tamper resistant receptacle so you can charge your electronic devices directly from a handy receptacle. No longer will you need to locate lost adapters, when you can easily plug the USB charging cable directly into this receptacle.

This device is available in almond, black, light almond, ivory and white. You may decide to have your electrician install these through your office space or in various rooms in your home for complete convenience. This device simply replaces standard duplex receptacles.

The 2 available USB ports can be used to charge any electronic device that is Continue reading

lighting for 2015Make a bold statement for 2015 with stylish new light fixtures for your boardroom, office space, staff lounge, workout room or home office. There are many new lighting choices available for 2015 that will make you feel great every time you walk into your upgraded space.

Your employees will feel good too, knowing you care enough about their work environment to choose new light fixtures to give a great feel to the brand new year. Why continue on with dreary old fixtures, when you can bring new life to your space with sparkling upgraded, designer lighting choices.

Do some online surfing to find artistic light fixtures that will make a creative statement or spend a few hours checking out area lighting stores. Once you see what is available, you may decide to install Continue reading

Avoid power surgesDid you know you can have every one of your electrical outlets surge protected by having an electrician install a whole house or whole office surge protector into the main electrical panel which controls all the electrical outlets in your space?

You probably already use power bars with surge protection wherever you plug in computers or other electronic devices. But did you know that these devices have varying levels of protection? And what about those times when you’re in a hurry and you just plug your laptop directly into an unprotected receptacle? In these cases you are providing no protection for your device whatsoever.

All these problems can be eliminated with one visit by an electrician to install a full-featured whole house or office surge protection device right on the electrical panel.

Electrical surges can happen as a result of Continue reading

electrical work for 2015Making sure your electrical system is safe should be a priority all year round, but 2015 is just around the corner and how many of us procrastinate? Calling an electrician is on the To-Do list and has been for a few months.

This is the perfect time to make up your mind to end the procrastination and just make that call. Almost every home or business has some electrical need. A new outlet near the computer which is protected against spikes and power surges? Maybe improved lighting in the board room or mail room? Do you need extra outdoor receptacles for power washing, trimming, a leaf blower or maybe an engine block heater?

Start a list and keep it in an easy-to-notice place. Every time someone in your home or office mentions an electrical need, jot it on the list. That way, when the electrician comes, a number of electrical jobs can be crossed off your list.

Is your outdoor lighting up to par? These days its smart to install Continue reading

Merry ChristmasWe have been doing electrical upgrades on renovations and electrical installs on new homes in north and west London (Ontario). We have had some calls to upgrade service panels and replace aluminum wiring. Every once in a while we get a call to replace knob and tube wiring as well. Insurance companies like to know that buildings have had knob and tube wiring replaced.

We also get calls to add extra circuits because people are using more computers, printers, routers and related devices. Home offices often need electrical upgrades and so do businesses. Laser printers require more power than some of the other types of printers like dot matrix or inkjet.

If you are setting up a home office, make sure you have enough electrical circuits and enough receptacles to plug everything in. As your business grows, you will likely add more devices like more printers, photocopiers, shredders, or computers. If your employees get a little chilly in the office, they may want to plug in a small electric heater. That will draw more electricity yet, so its better to make sure you have enough power while you’re setting up your office rather than waiting till later.

We get calls from people all around London, Ontario including Continue reading

LED Light bulbsLED lights switch on instantly and generate a very small amount of heat. They use less energy than traditional bulbs, so they will save you money in the long run. LED lights have a higher colour rendering. This means that everything illuminated by LED’s have a more vibrant appearance than with other light types.

Visit a lighting store and see for yourself. Most lighting stores or building supply centres will have display areas where you can see the actual difference LEDs can make to the warmth and appearance of colours in a room.

LED’s are also environmentally friendly because they Continue reading

GFCI_Safe_ReceptaclesAre you wondering what new options for Christmas Lights are available in the London Ontario area this year? You will be happy to find out there are quite a few new lighting options available.

Now that LED bulbs are in popular use, there are many different kinds of decorative looks out there. Lighting strings like you’ve never seen before as well as snowmen, santas, reindeer and other figures all glowing with low-energy LED lights. Most need to be plugged in, but a few use solar power. We have included a few descriptions below, but you’ll find a lot to choose from in your local retail centers.

Your home or business will look great, but do you have proper grounded outlets where you need them? Don’t run long extension cords. Instead have proper, waterproof, Safe Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Type Receptacles installed. These are called GFCI Receptacles for short. Check this out:

1. Solar Christmas LED Lights – 100 lights per 10 meter string, These are available in Multicolor or Specific Color, Lights are 6 watts each

2. LED Solar Christmas Ball Light – These can be used for outdoor Christmas Trees, Single or Multicolor Available, These are available with a controller which has 8 Functions including glimmering, shining, wave, chasing and more.

3. LED Light Strips – These cool Flexible Light Strips will operate even at -40 Degrees Celsius and are waterproof too. The lifespan is 50,000 hours and the colours are changeable. Almost all of these come with a full 2 Year Warranty. Each Strip is 5 meters long, colours are Red, Yellow, blue, Green, White, Warm White, Cool White, Pink

4. Simulated Willow Tree – Easy assembly, LED Bulbs, Colors Available: Red, Blue, Green, Pink and Multi Red, Green, Blue

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Receptacles (GFCI) will keep you, your staff and your family completely safe and you’ll be able to use them in all seasons for years and years to come. While you’re having Continue reading